Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Rightsteps - Employee Support Service

Did you know – Mental ill health is now the number one reason for occupational ill-health accounting for 43% of all employee absence.

Rightsteps is delivered by Turning Point, one of the UK’s largest health and social care organisations, with a proven track record in providing services to those with mental health and substance misuse issues.

The Programme

Rightsteps reduces the risk of absence among employees suffering from the most common forms of mental ill health including stress, depression and anxiety, those with substance misuse issues or long term health conditions. Providing evidenced based, work focused interventions which are fast, cost effective and jointly meet the needs of both the employer and employee ensures that Rightsteps achieves the very best outcomes for both employers and employees.  Unlike many other services including Employee Assistance and Occupational Health provision, Rightsteps services are offered on a non contracted, pay as you refer basis.  So there is no minimum usage or per capita retaining fees to pay, just the reassurance that the service is there to be accessed when required.

Our qualified Rightsteps Wellbeing Practitioners are trained in delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – a structured, solution orientated form of psychological intervention. CBT can help to identify and change negative patterns of thought (‘cognition’) and behaviour, building problem-solving and coping strategies.

Designed to provide rapid access to provision, Rightsteps supports employees in a fast and efficient way to reduce, and potentially eliminate the chances absenteeism due to their condition. The programme focuses on, making significant change a long-term possibility whilst improving business productivity and employee health.  From point of initial referral throughout the programme our Rightsteps Wellbeing Practitioners will be on hand to support employers and employees. 

What Makes Rightsteps Wellbeing Different?

Rightsteps’ primary outcome is to facilitate the individual being supported to remain in work, or return to work as quickly as possible. This delivers positive results that make sense for employers and employees alike.
Turning Point have been working with individuals, families and communities for almost 50 years and are still eager to support more people and build on their successes.  Our overall strategy is to support individuals to build better lives.  Delivering more flexible care and finding more innovative ways to achieve results is our strength.  The Rightsteps programme brings this expertise together resulting in a service that is not only unique but provides the added benefits of:

  • Working with both the employer and employee as part of the programme.
  • Providing appropriate feedback to the employer about strategies to be deployed by the employee to remain in, or return to work.
  • Providing employers with the tools to be able to support their employees in the workplace.
  • Facilitating management training to improve awareness of mental health and substance misuse in the workplace and how to manage staff experiencing these issues.

Real Results

Rightsteps is designed to respond rapidly to a referral through a manager or Occupational Health representative. The benefits that this represents to both employees and employers is invaluable, the successful outcomes of this service for the clients referred include:

  • 95% completed the programme*.
  • 85% absent at referral have returned to work within 3 sessions or less.
  • 94% had measurable clinical improvement post programme in relation to GAD7 & PHQ9 assessment/screening.

 * 5% of clients disengaged post assessment, due to reasons including onward referral to GP and unwillingness to enter treatment.


Much more than a counselling service, Rightsteps is a proactive solution which strikes a balance between the needs of the employer and the employee. It begins from the principle that no two employees will need the same approach in making lifestyle changes and developing coping strategies which facilitate their return to work.  Data is collected at every contact using suitable rating scales including GAD7 and PHQ9 screenings, with progress measured through comprehensive pre and post treatment assessments. At the end of the six CBT sessions feedback is provided to the employer to assist with supporting the individual in work in the future.

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