Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Stress Management Top Tips for Employers

10 Top tips for employers managing employees who are experiencing stress related symptoms

  1. If stress is being directly caused by overwork in the business, then try to reduce people's workload. Ensure your employees' targets are challenging, but realistic, and encourage delegation of work, where appropriate.
  2. If your employee has experienced personal problems external to work, such as a relationship break-up or an illness in the family, always take a sympathetic approach.
  3. Review people's performance regularly, so that they know how they're doing. This will enable them to get timely feedback about any potential problems and assist you in identifying any training needs they may have.
  4. Check employees are well-matched to the duties they've carry out. When you're recruiting staff, make sure that your recruitment and selection procedures help you to do this.
  5. Make sure that all employees are encouraged to take their full holiday entitlement.
  6.  Ensure that you have the proper discipline and grievance procedures in place to tackle bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  7. Keep your employees' informed about your business' direction and make sure that you tell them about any significant changes to the business – change can be hugely unsettling.
  8.  If an employee is suffering symptoms as a result of stress, discuss with the employee concerned before you make any decisions. Make sure that you include the employee in conversations about their welfare, and the support options available to them.
  9. Consider whether the employee should be moved or work fewer hours, or otherwise vary their work. If they're off sick, keep in touch. Beware of the employment law implications in relation to “reasonable foreseeability”.
  10.  If necessary, enable and encourage the employee to seek further help through Rightsteps – For further information visit www.rightsteps.co.uk .

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